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The African Union Commission has appointed Dr Ngomo Augustelepo as the new Permanent Representative to the COMESA Secretariat. Currently, he is the AU Southern Africa Region Office (AU-SARO) representative.

Dr Ngomo presented his Letter of Credence to Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya, Thursday 19 May 2016, in Livingstone, Zambia during the first COMESA Diplomatic conference. In his statement, he said the African Union Commission was committed to working closely with Regional Economic Communities (RECs) such as COMESA as the building block to the African economic community.

“The AU Commission cannot achieve any tangible result if it does not work with RECs because you are closer to the people and we need you to achieve real integration,” Dr Ngomo said.

He added that both the AU and RECs should work together to encourage governments to domesticate and communicate the different agreement and decisions made at meetings and Summits to raise awareness among the citizens.

Mr Ngwenya commended the AUC for the continued support and collaboration on different programmes which are all working towards deepening integration.

“The continent needs to develop a single platform to use to implement various decisions and agreements unlike the current situation which is full of duplication,” he said adding that the RECs appreciated the commitment of AUC Chairperson H.E Dlamini-Zuma to create a strong partnership.

Recently, the AU chairperson directed that all African Heads of State, Ministers and employees in RECs should be issued with AUC passports.