Federation of National Associations of Women in Business in Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (FEMCOM)’s main objectives were to promote programmes that integrate women into the trade and development activities in Eastern and Southern Africa. it also serves as a representative body and link between the women and the policy organs of the COMESA member States, regional organizations, and international organizations whose aim is to promote trade and development.

FEMCOM was established in Zimbabwe in July 1993 and it has the endorsement of the Authority made up of Heads of States and Governments of the COMESA member countries. it rests on a solid foundation of legal and institutional legitimacy. Its mandate or charter is embedded in The Treaty establishing the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, COMESA, under article 155.

Furthermore, COMESA recognizes FEMCOM and deems it one of its created institutions.

FEMCOM is comprised of 19 member countries that make up the COMESA region. it has a Board made of 9 countries from the group as well as other subcommittees.