Hello Colleagues,

You saw the vacancy advert, applied for it, attended the interviews, waited with anticipation, and finally, that phone call/email came and you had been offered the job. Now that you have that job, you realise that as COMESA employees we spend a large part of our day and the major part of our lives here at work. Please tell us,  after reporting to COMESA :-

  1. What were your expectations?
  2. Have those expectations been met?
  3. Do you know what is expected of you?
  4. Do you know what you should do to help COMESA meet its goals and objectives?
  5. Are you proud to be a member of your team?
  6. Does your team inspire you to do your best work?
  7. Does your team help you to complete your work?
  8. Do you have the appropriate amount of information to make correct decisions about your work?
  9. Do you have the materials and equipment you need to do your work right?
  10. At work, do your opinions seem to count?
  11. Do you have a good understanding of informal structures and processes at the organization?
  12. When something unexpected comes up in your work, do you usually know who to ask for help?

Give us your honest opinion.