COMESA representatives were among thousands of guests including the Zambian President H.E. Edgar Lungu that participated in the colorful Kuomboka ceremony of the Lozi people that live in the West of Zambia, Saturday April 8 2017.

The highly colourful festival celebrates the move of the Litunga, King of the Lozi people, from his compound at Lealui in the Barotse Floodplain of the Zambezi River to Limulunga on higher ground

Kuomboka is a word in the Lozi language that literally means ‘to get out of water’. Currently, it used to refer to the traditional ceremony that takes place at the end of the rain season, when the upper Zambezi River floods the plains of the Western Province.

COMESA was represented by Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Kipyego Cheluget. President Lungu appreciated COMESA for participating and celebrating the rich heritage of the Zambian nation when he spoke to scores of guests who converged at Limulunga towhsip, Mongu, in Western Province.

Zambia Justice Minister Hon. Given Lubinda played a role as one of the oarsmen in the Royal boat known as the Nalikwanda. The Nalikwanda is the King's state barge painted black and white, like Zambia's coat of arms. On the barge was a replica of a huge black elephant. A fire that is lit on board emits smoke that symbolizes the good health of the King.

Heavy drumming of the royal Maoma drums precedes the ceremony, which echoes around the royal capital the day before Kuomboka festival.