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  • COMESA Launches its Zambia Election Observer Mission

    COMESA has officially launched its short term Election Observer Mission to the August 11 Zambia General Elections and Referendum following an invitation by the Government. Mission Leader Ambassador Ashraf Gamal Rashed launched the observer mission in Lusaka today 5th August 2016. The observers comprise representatives from several COMESA Member States, some are from the COMESA

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  • COMESA Launches CVTFS in DR Congo

    COMESA has launched the COMESA Virtual Trade Facilitation System (CVTFS) in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The launch was conducted on the Matadi- Kinshasa Corridor which has traffic volumes of more than 1,000 trucks in a month.

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  • COMESA holds 1st ever Partnership Forum

    The Common Market for Eastern and southern Africa COMESA has hosted the First-ever Joint COMESA – Development Partners Consultative Forum at the COMESA Headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia, today 22nd Nov 2016. The objectives of the forum among many others are to encourage Development Partners and jointly contribute resources to ensure availability of funds for implementation

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  • COMESA develops NTB elimination Tool

    COMESA has developed a tool that will assist governments and other stakeholders to monitor both the direct and hidden Non Tariff Barriers (NTBs), that relate to Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures and technical standards. The tool is complimentary to the broader trade facilitation initiatives under the COMESA integration agenda such as the one stop border

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