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Hangzhou, Wednesday, November 2, 2016: The Chinese online marketing giant Alibaba and COMESA are exploring possibilities of a partnership to facilitate trade and investment within COMESA region and globally. The partnership is envisaged to utilize the platforms that Alibaba has developed.

COMESA Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya discussed this with Mr Jason Pau, the Special Assistant to the Executive Chairman of Alibaba Mr Jack Ma. Mr Pau is also responsible for International Affairs.

During the meeting that took place in Hangzhou, China the Headquarters of Alibaba, it was also agreed that Alibaba would consider participating in Social Corporate Responsibility projects that are recommended by COMESA.

Subsequently, the Secretary General pledged to immediately submit a draft MoU which will serve as basis for Public Private Partnership with Alibaba.

He invited Alibaba, to consider partnering with COMESA in rolling out the COMESA Electronic Market Exchange System (CEMES). CEMES was developed by the regional organization to facilitate online business exchanges within COMESA and between the regional bloc and the rest of the world system. This includes payments, logistics and data management.

“We explored the possibilities of integrating an online certificate of origin for trade between China and COMESA countries in the COMESA Electronic Exchange System and it was agreed that this something that should be done,” Mr Ngwenya said.

Mr Pau informed the Secretary General that the G20 countries had agreed on a Global Electronic Platform during the recent G20 Summit that was held in Hangzhou.

He said Alibaba system had 434 million active buyers and 10 million active merchants of which 89 percent use the mobile for purchases. It has a presence in 20,000 rural village centers within China, a Cloud payments system and managed a successful program for entrepreneurship development and support. Through this programme, it has established the second largest Wealth Management Services Fund in the world. The system handles 60 million packages daily in its Cross Border Delivery Network.