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Ambassador Bethuel Kiplagat, a member of the COMESA Committee of Elders passed away in Kenya, Friday, 14 July 2017.

A renowned Kenyan Pan-Africanist, Ambassador Kiplagat was at the forefront in championing for peace in the COMESA region and Africa.  He was instrumental in the peace process in Uganda in 1985, Sudan in 2011 and in Mozambique between Frelimo and Renamo.

He diligently served COMESA for eight years.

During his tenure as a COMESA elder, Ambassador Kiplagat led a fact-finding mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda in November, 2012 following the M23 rebellion.

He also led various COMESA election observation missions that included: the Rwanda Presidential elections in 2010, Democratic Republic of Congo elections in 2011 and the Zimbabwe harmonized elections in 2013.

Ambassador Kiplagat was actively involved in the Burundi multi-stakeholder dialogues that were initiated by COMESA in conjunction with the East African Community (EAC) in 2015 following the political impasse.  His expertise and experience in conflict prevention and mediation always came in handy during his tenure. 

In his message of condolences, Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya described the deceased as a peace–maker; one who pursued this commitment to his last day.

“For this he has left an enduring legacy that will forever remain etched in the minds of generations to come,” Ngwenya said.