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Lusaka, Friday, March 3, 2017: COMESA is promoting a combined $500 million worth of projects in Malawi geared towards regional trade and integration. The projects are mainly in manufacturing, energy and agriculture.

Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya told the new Malawi Permanent Representative to COMESA H.E Warren Bamus Gunda that Malawi has played leading roles in achieving many integration milestones.

“The COMESA Treaty came into force in Malawi on 8 December 1994 during the tenure of the Prof Bingu Wa Mutharika as the Secretary General of COMESA who was also its architect,” Mr Ngwenya said.

He said Prof Wa Mutharika who later became the President of Malawi, was the architect of the Treaty and also oversaw the transition of the Preferential Trade Area (PTA) to COMESA.

Mr Gunda who is also the High Commissioner of Malawi to Zambia was at the COMESA Secretariat to pay a courtesy call on the Secretary General and to discuss regional integration matters. This was in addition to facilitating a planned mission by the Secretary General to Malawi.

Malawi is a founding Member of COMESA and participates in many regional development initiatives and even security programmes. It is part of the intervention brigade involved in peace keeping in the eastern frontier of the Democratic Republic of Congo.