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The opportunities for work here at the COMESA Secretariat are vast. Annually, the Secretariat also facilitates the recruitment and hiring of trained professionals through consultancies. Persons selected for these placements are sent to COMESA countries needing their technical expertise.

Working for the COMESA in Lusaka, Cairo, or Ethiopia could mean a career in any number of areas. Diplomats, lawyers, Trade Experts, Agricultural analysts, Accountants, Customs Specialist, journalists and human resource professionals are just few of the career paths that the Secretariat attracts. Additionally, through its varied divisions, the Secretariat also has a team of professionals dedicated to promoting programs for trade, economic and social empowerment in member states.

The COMESA Secretariat plays a defining role in facilitating cooperation and dialogue among member countries. Those who work here help to shape the policies and strategies that promote the Secretariat and the COMESA’s overall vision to enhance the sustainability of its 19 member states.

Since 1981, thousands of COMESA Nationals have worked for this intergovernmental organisation. From receptionists to the Secretary General each employee has the opportunity to impact the lives of the millions of COMESA peoples.

Please note that you MUST use the official COMESA CV format to make your applications for any vacant post. No application will be considered if it not in the official COMESA CV format.