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  • COMESA Seed Trade Opportunities

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    In line with the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Treaty Article on 129, the member states have committed themselves to ensure adequate supply and availability of food to their citizens through the promotion of agricultural development within the region. Therefore, the COMESA Seed Harmonisation Implementation plan (COMSHIP) was developed with major key stakeholders in the national and regional seed industry to strengthen awareness and sensitization of COMESA Seed Trade Harmonization Regulations, provide seed production capacity building and smallholder farmer support programme, improve Infrastructure needs in seed certification and national seed regulatory reforms, variety release, phytosanitary and quarantine measures for seed import and export. The COMESA Member States eye Zambia as one of the best places for quality and improved seed production. Dr. John Mukuka – Seed Expert, in an interview with the Zambia National Broadcasting (ZNBC) TV2 explains Zambia’s opportunities in seed production.

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