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COMESA has revised its Statistics Strategy. The new 2017 – 2020 draft strategy was submitted to the meeting of the Committee on Statistical Matters which begun in Lusaka, Monday 25 September 2017. The committee will review before tabling it to the Intergovernmental Committee and the Council of Ministers meeting at the end of October.

COMESA Treaty provides for Member States to co-operate in the field of statistics to create an enabling environment for the regular flow of up-to-date, reliable, harmonised and comparable statistical data on various sectors of economic activity, required for an efficient implementation of the objectives of the Common Market.

Assistant Secretary General Ambassador Kipyego Cheluget opened the three days meeting. He stressed the pivotal role of statistics in charting the roadmap for social and economic development of the region.

“It is within a statistical ecosystem that the COMESA statistics strategy best interprets the needs of regional integration as advocated in its medium term strategic plans,” Amb. Cheluget told the delegates drawn from COMESA Member States.

“Our statistical system is underpinned by the national strategies for development of statistics while synergizing with the continental frameworks such as the Busan Action Plan for Statistics,” he said.

The Busan Action Plan for Statistics provides a useful framework through which statistical capacities can be developed. This plan emphasises the role of national strategies for the development of statistics: a strategic approach of bringing together and co-ordinating the different data users and producers.