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COMESA will deploy a short-term Election Observer Mission to observe Uganda’s general elections scheduled for 18th February 2016.  This is in response to an invitation from the Government of the Republic of Uganda.

The team is expected to be in Uganda from the 14 to 20th February, 2016.



The Observer Mission will be led by Ambassador Ashraf Gamaal Rashed, a member of the COMESA Committee of Elders. The mission will comprise Observers drawn from selected Members States and a support team from COMESA Secretariat.


The Mission will base its assessment of the general elections on the legal framework governing elections in Uganda and other international, continental and regional standards for the conduct of democratic elections. The election observer mission will also consult with relevant government institutions, political parties, other Observer Missions on the ground, including the African Union (AU), the East African Community (EAC), the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), as well as other international and local observers, to enhance the Mission’s understanding of the whole electoral processes.


This will be the second time COMESA is participating in election observation in Uganda, having observed the last general elections held five years ago in 2011.

The main objective of the Observer Mission is to provide an independent assessment of the electoral process thereby providing credibility and legitimacy to the electoral process as a way of promoting peace, security and stability in the COMESA region as provided for under Article 3(d) of the COMESA Treaty.

The mission is expected to issue a comprehensive report of their observations which will be shared with relevant stakeholders in Uganda.