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The Zambian government with support from COMESA has embarked on a training programme on competition policy, law and standardization for members of the National Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committee (NIMCC).


The first workshop under the program begun in Lusaka, Zambia, February 11, 2016, and was financed under the COMESA Regional Integration Support Mechanism (RISM).

Its objective was to train stakeholders on key policy and law development that have taken place following reforms that have been undertaken both at national and regional level. The workshop covered the role of competition and law in advancing business growth and job creation and related issues.

Through the training, members of the committee are expected to understand the nexus between COMESA Competition Regulations, as espoused by the COMESA Competition Commission, and that of member States.

Success stories and challenges faced in the promotion of regional trade and harmonization of regional regulations on competition with national policies, laws and procedures of member states was discussed.

The workshop was officially opened by the Director of Foreign Trade Department at the Zambian Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry Lillian Bwalya. She thanked COMESA for supporting the workshop.

“The knowledge shall help boost knowledge in competition policy formulation among the stakeholders in the country, “she said.

The two-day workshop attracted participants from both state and non-state actors.