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  • Consultant for Regional Tobacco Farming Study

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    The COMESA Business Council (CBC) is the recognized apex business organization in the region, representing private sector interests at the highest levels of decision making in the region. The CBC provides key market driven services to its membership, namely- business advocacy, business support services- linkages, partnerships and market intelligence, and membership development – technical and productive capacity building.

    Tobacco production and manufacturing represents an important economic activity in several COMESA member states. The Tobacco Working Group, as part of the COMESA Business Council technical groups has continuously advocated for the need to have a balanced regulatory framework for the tobacco industry; noting the contribution of tobacco to the economies of several the COMESA Member states in terms of livelihood, GDP and trade.

    However, although some reports describing the footprint of tobacco farming have been carried out in the past for specific countries, a comprehensive report covering several countries within a region, which includes aggregated data from the key stakeholders in the sector, has not been done yet. Therefore, quantifying the social, economic and environmental impact of tobacco farming activities and conducting a robust and evidence based research to ascertain its footprint is critical to ensure the long-term sustainability of the activity and influence a balanced regulatory framework for the industry.

    In view of the above, CBC through a Consultant seeks to undertake study focusing on assessing and quantifying the trade, social, economic and environmental impact of tobacco farming activities amongst the key tobacco producing countries in the region. Furthermore, to assess the various challenges that are faced by the tobacco farmers and explore opportunities for increased trade and opportunities for the stakeholders within the sector. The Report will be validated by the said industry at a Sectoral Dialogue to validate the evidence based Report. The intention is to promote an informed policy for the tobacco growing within the COMESA region. The Report will also inform the position of the private sector on the tobacco industry for advocacy on promoting the competitiveness of sector in the region or globally.

    Therefore, CBC seeks an Expert to undertake a Consultancy study looking at the above issues and ascertain the contribution of tobacco growing in the region.

    Click on the following link for more details: Call for Applications Regional Tobacco Study (52 downloads)

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