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REF. No. Tittle/Scope Awarded Consultant Awarded Amount Date awarded
CS/ADM/05-06.14/38 MEG Design of a Risk Management frame work for COMESA Secretariat KPMG Zambia Ltd USD 23,458 4th July, 2014
CS/ADM/21-07.14/56MEG Proposal writing for program funding Dr. Jules Siedenburg USD 30,000 21st July 2014
CS/ADM/21-07.14/57MEG Proposal writing for program funding Rex Brown USD 26,000 21st July 2014


Verification of Production Process. KPMG Advisory Services Ltd USD 79,019 4th August, 2014
CS/29/01/2014-1TS Evaluation of the Regional Integration Support Mechanism (RISM) International Economic Consulting Ltd USD 136,935 31st January, 2014
 IRCC/27-05/1/2014 Pillar Assessment Contract by an Entity to be Entrusted with Implementation of EU Budget. Ernst & Young Reviseurs d’Enterprises SCCRL EUR 82,173.00 3rdSeptember, 2014
CS/ADM/07-11.14/90MEG Development of National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan for Sudan The Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources USD 30,000 7th November 2014