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REF. No. Tittle/Scope Awarded Consultant Awarded Amount Date awarded
CS/ADM/01-15.22/SC Support for timely preparation and implementation of projects funded through CAF Fred Kong’ong’o USD 21,000 5th February, 2015
CS/ADM/16-04.15/38MEG Review and revision of Climate Change program log frame Hayman Alicia USD 24,000 16th April 2015
CS/ADM/01-02-15/22SC Cassava Cluster Expert Angela Mwape Mulenga USD 36,000 16th April 2015


Evaluation of Conservation Agriculture practices. Michael Jenrich USD 20,000 7th May, 2015
CS/ADM/09-06.15/85MEG Development of Standards Quality Assurance Strategic Plan  2015-2020 Dr. Mukayi Musarurwa USD 42,000 5th June, 2015
 CS/25-615/JK Implementation of an ERP system at COMESA Secretariat Dhanush Infotech Ltd USD 131,848 9th July, 2015
CS/ADM/11-08.15/109MEG Technical Assistance and Training for Software Utilization for a Cluster of 10 textile factories in Mauritius Gerber Technology NS/SA USD 90,000 11th August 2014
CS/17-815/JK Facilitation of Risk Assessment Workshops for COMESA Secretariat KPMG Zambia USD 25,000 18th August 2015
CS/ADM/02-06/1 Mid-term review of the 10th EDF Regional Integration Support Programme Imani Development (Int) Ltd USD114,753.40 4th September 2015
COM/PO/025041 Supply of 3 Severs Reliance Technology Ltd USD 22,298 19th November 2015
COM/PO/025309 Design and Printing of 2015 Investment and Trade Reports Midnight Star Company ZAR 225,180 10th December 2015