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The Judge President of the COMESA Court of Justice Lady Justice Lombe Chibesakunda on 20th April led the Judges of the court in paying courtesy calls on Zambia’s Chief Justice Madam Ireen Mambilima and other stakeholders.

The aim of the visit was to introduce the Judges of the Court as well as learn about the operations of the stakeholders. The team also met Justice Minister Given Lubinda and Representatives of the Zambia Chamber of Commerce.

During the meetings at the Ministry of Justice and the Judiciary, Justice Lombe Chibesakunda said the visit was part of publicity activities being undertaken in Zambia so that operations of the regional court can be known and her team would use the opportunity to exchange information about the National Courts.

“We need to know that national courts have a role to play and can refer to the COMESA court cases that have been exhausted by the national courts and these should therefore know where their Jurisdiction ends and where the COMESA courts’ begins,” she said.

She revealed that the court is in a process of making recommendations to establish auxiliary courts in the various Members States so that cases can be dealt with without delay.

Chief Justice Mambilima assured the court of unconditional support during its operations in general and the publicity seminar in particular.

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda said Zambia stands ready to support the COMESA court as it ensures that justice prevails amongst traders in the region.

The minister said in regional integration, trade related conflicts are common and the existence of the COMESA court is important especially now that Integration is at the core of national as well as regional economic development.