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About the Democratic Republic of Congo

Geographic position - DRC is located at the centre of Africa. It is a country of 2,345,000 Km². It shares a border of 9,165 Km with nine neighboring countries. Opening on the Atlantic Ocean for International trade. Capital city is Kinshasa
Population - DRC is one of the African biggest markets with 60 millions of inhabitants, thus, consumers.
Administrative organization - 11 provinces including the capital City, and moving up to 26 provinces
Independence day - 30 June, 1960
National Anthem - Congolese
Politic institutions - Current President is Joseph Kabila Kabange. Bicameral legislature with a Senate and National Assembly
Languages - Official is French. National: Lingala, Swahili, Tshiluba and Kikongo
Weather - Tropical and coastal weather
Hydrography - The Congo River possesses the most regular and powerful flow in the world (40.000 m3/second) after the Amazon
Potentialities - DRC mining sector offers a very large range of ores and many possibilities of exploitation such as : Bauxite , Coal, Colombo Tantalite (Coltan), Diamond , Copper, Cobalt, Tin, Iron, Methane gas, Gold, Oil, Asphaltic schists, Manganese, Diamond, Copper, Cobalt, Tin, Iron, Methane gas, Gold, Oil. The Congolese Forest represents 45 % of the Africa forest. It is worth 6 million m3 of timber Energy production: The hydroelectric power is estimated to more than 100 GWH (100,000 Megawatts/h) of which 42 % are concentrated at Inga dam. RDC is essentially an agricultural country: It has 7 million of arable and fertile land appropriate to farming with opportunities of growing various cultures throughout the whole year. The flora and fauna are among the richest in the continent: touristic sites such as Ruwenzori peak (5,11 m: 2nd in Africa), Botanic garden, Waterfalls, Lake, variety of natural reserves protected. The country is well covered in telecommunications
Infrastructures development - The country is embarked in huge programme of infrastructure development with traditional cooperating partners (World Bank, European Union, Africa Development Bank) and the new important partners like China and United Arab Emirates

Coordinating Ministries

Monsieur le Ministre de la Coopération Régionale
238, avenue de la justice (Enclos D.G SNEL)
E-mail :

Monsieur le Secrétaire Général à la Coopération Régionale
238, avenue de la justice(enclose D.G. SNEL)
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