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  • Develop a Comprehensive Action Plan and Associated Operational, Financial and Human Resource Procedures Manuals for ARICEA

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    The Association of Regulators of Information and Communications for Eastern and Southern Africa (ARICEA) is a consultative and collaborative forum formed in January 2003. The Association was established in accordance with the provisions of the co-operation and sub-regional integration envisaged under the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)  treaty and the African Union.  It brings together regulators and associated actors in the Information and Communications Technologies services (ICT) sector in the Eastern and Southern African (ESA) region.

    The objectives of the Association are to;

    1. Exchange ideas, views and experiences among members on all aspects relating to facilitating and regulating the development and application of ICTs;
    2. Promote the sustainable development and application of efficient, adequate and cost-effective ICT networks and services in the sub region;
    • Coordinate cross-border regulatory issues on ICTs in the sub-region;
    1. Contribute to the achievement of sub-regional and regional integration;
    2. Promote the maximisation of the utilization of scarce resources in the ICTs sector.

    ARICEA has three categories of membership, namely Regulatory Membership, Ministry Membership and Associate membership. Regulator membership represents the core members who are autonomous regulators in the ICT sector in the ESA region.  Ministry Membership is reserved for government ministries in the ICT sector or sub-sectors in ESA region in which autonomous regulators have not yet been established, once regulatory agencies are established such ministries will cease to be members.  Associate membership applies to wider field than the other regulatory and ministry membership and is open to Operators, service providers and consultants, or their associations, in the ICT sector in ESA and the rest of Africa.

    ARICEA’s organisational structure consists of the General Meeting, Executive Committee, Technical Committees and the Secretariat. The General Meeting is the policy and highest decision-making organ of the association and it is held annually, however, Special General Meetings are convened whenever necessary. The Executive Committee oversees the affairs of the association between General Meetings. The Executive Committee members may serve for a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms of one year each. Technical Committees are mandated to carry out studies in specialised areas of regulation, develop guidelines and make recommendations pertaining to the harmonisation of regulatory practices.

    The Secretariat provides administrative and technical support to other organs of the association. The COMESA Secretariat which facilitated the establishment of the association currently act as the Interim Secretariat of the association until ARICEA makes different arrangements for the handling of secretariat responsibilities.

    ARICEA has made significant progress towards the achievement of some of its objectives since its launch in January 2003. It has contributed to the adoption of several COMESA ICT Policy and Model Bills including, Broadcasting Policy Guidelines and Model Bill, cyber security policy guidelines and model law as well as e-transaction law and many other model laws and regulations aimed at harmonizing the development of the ICTs in the region.

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