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An experienced Programme Manager will be recruited within the COMESA Secretariat for an initial period of two years (with possibility for extension) in order to assist with the preparation, coordination, management and implementation of the four regional programmes with COMESA planned under the 11th EDF, as well as to provide technical support to facilitate the overall dialogue between COMESA and the EU on the 11th EDF programme.

Working under the overall supervision of the Assistant Secretary General, of Programmes, the Programme Manager will act as a focal liaison point for the overall COMESA-EU partnership under the 11th EDF. He/she will facilitate proper internal coordination with the different units within the COMESA Secretariat. He/she will also facilitate the collaboration with other implementing partners (various co-delegatees, beneficiary Member States) under the different 11th EDF regional programmes as well as, where relevant, support the proactive coordination with other Regional Economic Organizations (in particular EAC, SADC) and other Cooperating Partners supporting regional economic integration in the COMESA/tripartite region.

The Programme Manager will support the day-to-day management and implementation of the 11th EDF regional programmes, including support on administrative and contractual/procedural matters, and ensure that annual work plans/budgets, implementation reports (technical and financial) and related payment requests are prepared and submitted on time.

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