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Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Head of Programmes for Africa and the Middle East Mr Dex Agourides held consultations with Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya on possible collaboration with COMESA to support member States maintain green growth in the region. 

The three, who were joined by COMESA Climate Change Programme Advisor Dr Maclay Kanyangarara discussed four areas of collaboration which included knowledge sharing platforms for best practices on green growth and development within COMESA and the rest of the world were GGGI is operating. 

They also discussed how to strengthen engagement of the business community in green growth through policies and incentives for green investment. The discussions covered  development of transformational quick win projects, funding mechanisms including how GGGI can support COMESA and its member States to access climate finance from entities such the Green Climate Fund and others.

Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya welcomed the GGGI team which included Rwanda country representative Mr Innocent Kabenga and Ethiopia country manager Mr Robert Mukiza.

“It is important for us to have a business model that crowds in the private sector in financing green projects or green interventions in the region,” 

“For success, these green growth initiatives must be coordinated at the highest level in the countries,” My Ngwenya said while stressing the need to factor in development of potential science, bio and Nano technology.

Ethiopia country manager Mr Robert Mukiza informed the Secretary General that GGGI has supported his country to come up a green growth and transformational plan

GGGI whose headquarters is in South Korea, is a member driven institute with programmes in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda.