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  • Pest Risk Analysis Expert

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    COMESA countries have varying capacity constraints when it comes to surveillance, pest listing and pest risk analysis (PRA). However, National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) need to establish and update lists of regulated pests in order to assist in preventing the introduction and/or spread of pests and to facilitate safe trade by enhancing transparency. These lists identify those pests that have been determined by the NPPO to be quarantine pests or regulated non-quarantine pests.

    A list of quarantine pests is updated on the basis of scientific information, surveillance of the territory, inspections at the border and notification of imminent risks. Specific plant health requirements for the import or movement of plants, plant products or other objects are applicable in relation to the listed pests.

    Because of the new emerging pest threats such as the maize lethal necrosis disease (MLND) and the Fall Army Worm (FAW) affecting trade in maize seed and grain, COMESA Secretariat is organizing a regional workshop to (i) review the effectiveness of the policies and measures instituted by the respective governments and to (ii) update the regional quarantine pest list for maize and maize seed. The selected countries on this activity are affected by the FAW and MLND to varying extents and have established mechanisms to address trans-boundary pests/diseases.

    Description of the Assignment 

    Specific objectives: 

    • To support NPPOs in updating their quarantine pest lists for maize (seed and grain) and other prioritized crops in selected countries.
    • To support to NPPOs to develop regional guidelines for pest risk analysis (PRA).
    • To facilitate an agreement on the sub-regional response to the Fall Army Worm (FAW).

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