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COMESA Secretariat through the Reinforcing Veterinary Governance (VET-GOV) programme is working with the government of Seychelles and various partners and stakeholders to formulate a national Livestock Policy and strategies in animal health.

The policy is expected to revive livestock agriculture in Seychelles through the development of animal health strategies which are currently non-existent. The programme will also support the development of a database for the Seychelles Farmers Association to strengthen information exchange and management.

COMESA VET-GOV Programme Coordinator Dr Yoseph Mamo accompanied by Dr. Gashash Ibrahim Ahmed from the African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) recently visited Seychelles and met various stakeholders including the Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Honourable Wallace Cosgrow and his team.

They discussed the national priorities that were identified during previously held livestock Policy Hub meetings. These include increasing livestock production for animal source food self-sufficiency; strengthening the veterinary public health to meet international standards, ensuring safety of locally produced and imported animal products and updating laboratory requirements.

The Minister promised to hasten the construction of Veterinary and Livestock Services and laboratory complexes.  He expressed his appreciation for the proposed support from COMESA and AU-IBAR on the development of Livestock Policy and Animal health Strategy.

The VET-GOV program aims to bring about institution strengthening of veterinary services towards the establishment of adequate veterinary services at the national level and strengthen regional institutions to play their roles of coordination, harmonization, integration and support to countries with the aim to stimulate a more conducive environment for public and private investments in the livestock sector.