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Seychelles has validated its national Climate Smart Agriculture Investment Framework (CSAIF). The development of the CSAIF was supported by COMESA Secretariat validation took place on 22nd December 2015. Speaking during the workshop, the Principal Secretary of Agriculture, Mr. Michael Nalletamby noted that Climate Change was a reality and that the country is vulnerable to the impacts of Climate Change and has thus prioritised the implementation of Climate Smart Interventions in the agriculture Sector.

“My Government has prioritised the speedy implementation of the CSAIF and there is need to mobilise resources for those activities that have not yet being funded,” he added.

He noted that Seychelles has been Climate proofing its agriculture sector for a number of years and most interventions highlighted in the Seychelles National Agriculture Investment Plan (SNAIP) are resilient to Climate Change.

The CSAIF captures the agricultural priorities, goals and outcomes that underpin the strategic intent of Destination 2020, which is to position the “Local Agriculture Sector as an integral and sound basis for Seychelles’ national ability and resilience to provide for the food security, nutrition and food sovereignty goals at all times for all Seychellois including women and children. The CSAIF will also help transform the local agricultural production and agro-processing system and capacity to secure minimum local capacity to support the country’s food basket.
He noted that Seychelles will focus on marine culture as one of the Climate Smart Agriculture interventions.

Mr Nalletamby expressed appreciation to COMESA for provision of technical and financial support during the review of the draft SNAIP and other agriculture development documents.

COMESA Secretariat Climate Change Coordinator, Mr. Chikakula Miti, noted that COMESA Ministers of Agriculture agreed on the importance of ensuring that all Member States support the implementation of proven Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) interventions.  He noted that COMESA would support the development of some concept notes on CSA which may be submitted to the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

He also stressed the need for the country to designate the implementing entity as required by the Green Climate. This will ensure that the proposals as well as concept notes are submitted directly to the GCF by the country.