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  • The Formulation of a COMESA Capacity Building Support Programme, Objective 3 of the COMESA Sub Envelop

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    The global objective of this assignment is to support the formulation process of a future Capacity Building programme for COMESA to be funded under the 11th EDF COMESA sub-envelope (Specific Objective 3: Enhanced capacity of the COMESA Secretariat and member states, including the private sector, to deepen regional integration”), in observance of the specific objectives, expected results, policy measures and budget identified under this Objective.

    Specific objective and main outputs

    The specific objective of this assignment is to conduct an institutional assessment at the COMESA Secretariat in order to identify the organization’s main capacity assets and strengths, weaknesses and priority needs and to design, on this basis, a detailed Capacity Building Plan (CBP), building on the priority areas, policy measures and proposed budget identified under the Strategic Objective 3 of the COMESA 11th EDF sub-envelope.

    The CBP should provide a clear capacity building pathway and change process to achieve the expected results for the objectives set to be achieved under the COMESA 11th EDF sub-envelope/Objective 3 and more broadly to ensure an effective and efficient implementation of EU-funded regional programmes under the 11th EDF. This Plan should also be in line with the 2016-2020 COMESA Medium Term Strategic Plan (MTSP). The plan should include the prioritization of the initiatives. The Plan should also be realistically formulated to cover a 5-year period and tailored within the available funding sources (7 million EUR). The activities proposed in the CBP will need to be budgeted and be subject to a detailed implementation road map.

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