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  • USAID assures continued Support to COMESA

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    The United States government has reiterated her continued to support to private sector development in the COMESA region with a call on an improved way of conducting business which shall enhance transparency, accountability and good governance.

    USAID/KEA Deputy Mission Director, Candace Buzzard says the Private sector is important on the USAID development agenda as it plays a major role in the economic emancipation of regional economies as well as other parts of the world.

    She was speaking during a COMESA/USAID collaborative meeting at the COMESA secretariat on 12th May 2016, in Lusaka, Zambia.

    Ms. Buzzard applauded the long standing COMESA-USAID partnership as which have realized many progressive programmes which have benefitted many people in the region and beyond.

    Ms. Buzzard said the USAID shall now provide financial support from the initial one year to more years in order for the RECs to implement programmes in member states and advance economic development through trade, agriculture and energy sectors.

    Secretary-General Sindiso Ngwenya has called on the private sectors to be head at all levels of decision making so that they become part and parcel to decisions made on issues affecting their operations and well being.

    He has since called for change of mind-set among the stakeholders before becoming Agents of change because those in decision making positions are there not to serve themselves but the people of the region and beyond.


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