CAF beefs up the Malagasy National Institute of Commerce and Competition

The COMESA Adjustment Facility (CAF) has bought equipment aimed at improving training services at the Institut National du Commerce et de la Concurrence (INCC) of Madagascar. The institution provides training to the Malagasy economic operators and students in international trade and regional integration.

The procured equipment includes projectors and projector screens, computers and furniture for the training rooms.

INCC Programme Coordinator Ms Victorine Rasoavelona indicated that the training has assisted in improving the knowledge about COMESA and the trade preferences it provides to the Malagasy economy. Funds from the CAF project has also facilitated the procurement of equipment for publication of visibility materials.

This was revealed on 16th December 2017 when representatives from COMESA, toured the facility. They included COMAid/RISM Coordinator Hope Situmbeko and RISM Project Manager Kervin Kumapley.

Being a relatively new institution, this support is important as it allows for key sensitization activities in the regions outside of the capital, Antananarivo. The equipment, has also reduced the costs previously faced in printing materials.

Following the tour, the officers also discussed plans for the sustainability of the programme after the support from CAF-RISM (Regional Integration Support Mechanism).

The funding provided to INCC, was drawn from the Capacity building Project for the Reinforcement of the Madagascar’s Regional Integration which has over €1 million, funded through RISM from the European Development Fund.

The INCC, which was set up in 2014, is a public institution with a focus on teaching graduates and the working class in practical aspects of trade and tools to trade. The courses cover import and export procedures, including freight and insurance for trade, as well as market access issues.

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