21st Meeting of COMESA Ministers of Justice & Attorneys General

Lusaka, Friday, May 18, 2018: COMESA Ministers of Justice and Attorneys General have passed new regional legal instruments among them, the COMESA Airspace Agreement and the Agreement on Admission of Somalia to COMESA.

The regional airspace Agreement and its enabling regulations aims at achieving a seamless upper airspace for the region which will lead to enhanced competition in air travel and efficiency. This is in addition to reducing costs of regional air travel and providing value for money in air services.

Zambia Minister of Justice, Hon. Given Lubinda, who opened the meeting said the high cost of doing business in the COMESA region was largely due to high transport costs. He said the COMESA Seamless airspace programme will contribute to bringing down the cost of air transport in the region.

“I am glad that, apart from considering draft legal instruments that will strengthen governance, we are beginning to move to instruments that will help us tap into trade in services,” he said. “The draft legal instruments aimed at the implementation of the COMESA Seamless Airspace programme speak to this.”


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