A New Statistics Strategy for COMESA is in the Works

COMESA is developing a regional Statistics Strategy covering the period 2021-2025. Its main focus will be to strengthen the collection and dissemination of statistical information in the region with the overall objective of supporting regional integration. The current Statistics Strategy covered the period 2017-2020.

COMESA stakeholders from Member States, Partner organizations and the Secretariat held a virtual meeting last week to review the draft COMESA Statistics Strategic Framework which sets the roadmap for the regional strategy for the next five years.

Speaking during the virtual meeting, Chief Statistician Mr. Themba Munalula said the strategy will support regional integration by building on aspirations of the national statistics strategies in Member States.

“There is critical need to harmonize statistical capacity building programs supported by COMESA, other RECs and pan African Organizations to foster efficiency in the delivery of these programs,” Mr Munalula said.

He added that the Statistics Strategy needs to be promoted within the COMESA Member States and institutions as it serves the purpose of meeting the needs of the COMESA MTSP 2021 – 2025. He also emphasized the need for the alignment of national, regional and the continental statistics development strategies as a way of ensuring that priorities are linked and consistent.

Consultations will continue in the period prior to the 11th COMESA Committee on Statistical matters to be conducted later this month.

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