The Purpose of this addendum is to make a revision to the issued Request for Expression of Interest dated 21st August 2023 for the above referenced assignment. Candidates shall review the Addendum requirements in detail and incorporate any effects the Addendum may have in their application. Kindly note that:

  1. The consultancy is open to nationals of all countries worldwide that have sufficient qualification and experience to undertake this assignment;
  2. The closing date for submission the Expression of Interest has been extended from 5th September 2023 at 16:00 Hours local time to 8th September 2023 at 16:00 Hours local time.


  1. Except as cited in this addendum, all other requirements of the Request forExpression of Interest document remain unchanged.

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The COMESA Secretariat has received financing from the African Development Fund   toward the cost of the COMESA Support Towards Regional Pharmaceutical Sector Development (CSTRPSD or the Project) and intends to apply part of the agreed amount for this grant to payments under the contract for the services of a Baseline Survey Consultant   for the CSTRPSD Project.

The pharmaceutical industry in the region is nascent and characterised by limited technical capacity to locally manufacture enough essential medicines and medical supplies to meet domestic demand. This is due to several challenges faced by the sector, including weak national regulatory institutions, poor quality control systems, lack of credible and certified laboratories, among others.The objectives  of this Project , therefore, are to provide institutional support for the development of the pharmaceutical industry through strengthened capacities of the region’s pharmaceutical regulatory bodies, quality control and management systems, research, and development institutions for effective manufacturing of safe and quality pharmaceutical products in the region.

The COMESA Support Towards Regional Pharmaceutical Sector Development Project has clearly defined targets and indicators for measuring progress and success. However, the baseline data for these indicators need   to be established before start of the implementation of the project interventions.  The baseline survey will, therefore, provide critical information on the indicators and targets, including informing the refinement of targets for some indicators. The baseline survey results will also be the basis for periodic monitoring of the Project, mid-term review , and final evaluation of the project. The baseline information may also help to tighten the design of the monitoring and evaluation system for the project.The estimated period of execution of the consultancy is three (3) months.

The COMESA Secretariat   now invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing these services. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services.

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