COMESA-EAC Horticulture Accelerator Agribusiness Advisor

The COMESA-EAC Horticulture Accelerator Agribusiness Advisor will lead the support to CEHA private sector and government partners willing to strengthen and grow the horticulture sector based on COMESA-EAC Horticulture Accelerator’s implementation strategy. The role will require the following:

  • Leading technical meeting discussions related to policy and standards on the COMESA EAC Horticulture Accelerator (CEHA);
  • Managing oversight of staff and consultants;
  • Evaluating matching grant proposals from the private sector and monitoring performance against CEHA’s key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • Proactive sourcing of private sector partners across prioritized value chains and production clusters;
  • Providing technical assistance to private sector partners receiving matching grants and their value chain partners to strengthen their business strategies and operations; and
  • Liaising with government agencies to reduce barriers to growth and trade that ultimately benefit smallholder farmers, especially women and youth.


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