COMESA Master’s Degree Programme in Regional Integration

The COMESA Master’s Degree Programme in Regional Integration is a postgraduate virtual programme done through a collaboration involving 22 universities in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). It seeks to provide a sound conceptual, policy and practical training on regional integration, as well as extending access to research opportunities and higher education on regional integration in the COMESA

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  1. ROBERT KAUNDA says:

    Please admit me
    Robert Kaunda

  2. Samson Garama Dadu says:

    Hello, are there any opportunities for virtual COMESA masters degree in regional integration at the moment, and if non, when will they be announced?

  3. Mathews Mwaba says:

    I would like to find out why comesa is not employing now

    • Muzinge Chibomba says:

      Dear Mathews,

      Adverts for available Job Opportunities are usually placed on the website and in leading Newspapers in Member States. Kindly keep checking.

  4. Martin Namacheka says:

    Excellent development. This program brings opportunities to many ambitious youths to acquire a sound conceptual, policy and practical training on regional integration, research, and tertiary education more especially in the COMESA
    region. Thereby promoting trade and stable economy in the region.

  5. Samson+Garama+Dadu says:

    Hello, just a quick one.
    I applied for admission at the University of Mauritius which I am hoping to secure a slot; and my question is how does one secure scholarship from COMESA to help with funding of the course?


    • Muzinge Chibomba says:

      Kindly wait for a response once your application is considered, you will be guided accordingly.

      • Samson+Garama+Dadu says:

        I have just received an offer letter from the University of Mauritius. How do I apply for the COMESA scholarship and how long does the selection process take?


        • Samson+Garama+Dadu says:

          In addition to the above, does COMESA cover all the fees covering the course?

  6. Tebo Kgweenyane says:

    WHy is the opportunity given to those who are already previlidged? how about those wishing to take part but are not in the Trade Units mentioned. I am so much interested in the Program, self employed.

  7. Pierre MUGHANZA says:

    I would like to persue my Master with you

  8. Brightone Kaile says:

    Good morning, are there any scholarships awarded for doctorate studies ?

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