COMESA Meets Sudanese Business Community

Members of the Sudanese Businessmen and Employer’s Federation interacted with the COMESA delegation during a full-day workshop held in Khartoum on 21st January 2020. Secretary General Chileshe Kapwepwe joined by Heads of COMESA institutions, Directors and Experts in Trade, Industry and Economics participated in the interactive session which was the first of its kind for the Secretariat in that country.

The COMESA team made presentations on the different institutions, programmes and projects that COMESA is implementing and how Sudan could fully participate in the activities.

The event offered a good opportunity for the businessmen and women to ask questions and get answers on the burning issues and how they can take advantage of the regional market. 

Chairperson of the Sudanese Chamber of Commerce Dr Osman Hassan commended the COMESA team for sparing time to spend with the business community and added that this would greatly help the business community in addressing some of their challenges.

Presentations were made by the Trade and Development Bank (TDB), FEMCOM, the COMESA Competition Commission (CCC), COMESA Court of Justice  (CCJ), ZEP-RE, Division of Trade, Division of Gender, Division of Industry and Agriculture and the COMAID project.

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