COMESA Stakeholders’ Outreach in Eastern Africa

As part of its outreach programme to stakeholders in its Member States, COMESA and its institutions is, for the first time, participated at the largest international trade and agriculture expo in the eastern Africa region.

The Nairobi International Trade Fair, 1 – 7 October 2018 attracted business people, investment seekers, government institutions, learning institutions, researchers, students, and other stakeholders from Africa and beyond.

Four COMESA institutions namely: the COMESA Competition Commission, COMESA Court of Justice, COMESA Monetary Institute and the Federation of National Associations of Women in Business participated in the event. COMESA Secretariat coordinated and also participated in the event.

COMESA’s participation in the trade fair, for the first time, is part of a fresh initiative is to raise its visibility in Member States and engage face to face with stakeholders on issues relating to regional integration.

“It provides COMESA and its institutions with a good forum for strategic sharing of information and knowledge to targeted stakeholders, on a wide range of issues on regional integration,” Head of COMESA Corporate Communication, Mwangi Gakunga said. “

Among the key issues raised with COMESA were on taxation of exports to other Member States, cheap imports that distorted prices, lack of market information for locally produced goods and the need for a one stop shop for all trade related information.

Public awareness on specialized COMESA institutions and their mandate emerged as one area that requires more publicity.

In July, COMESA participated at the Ndola International Trade Fair in Zambia, in the southern sub region, where stakeholders expressed the need for COMESA institutions to have presence hence their participation in the Kenya Trade Fair.

On 8 – 9 December 2018, COMESA through its Regional Investment Agency (RIA) and the Government of Egypt has organized the intra- Africa Trade Fair. This is the largest business and investment forum in the continent which is designed to boost intra-Africa trade

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