COMESA Youth Leaders Bootcamp: Enhancing Capacity of Youth to Participate in Policy, Democratic Governance and Socio-Economic Development

The BootCamp will be a multidisciplinary engagement, encompassing socio-economic and political participation, representation, and youth voices in governance processes. Gender based inclusion will be a key issue of focus, looking at mitigating hindering factors for gender and participation in socio-economic and political, policy and development processes within the COMESA framework and on basis of country by country context. Main focus will be on role of youth in cross border policy influencing and what kind of change narrative youth could drive across COMESA in line with COMESA inter-state cooperation and trade and commerce facilitation, and rule of the game in trade and development. How enabling is the policy environment for equal access to opportunities to youth, and what policy implementation gaps are evident to youth? What are the youth centric experiences, and any remaining policy and capacity gaps and measures to cure these?

2019 Boot Camp Edition: Group One Countries

  • Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Kingdom of Eswatini
  • State of Eritrea
  • Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  • Republic of Kenya
  • Republic of Malawi
  • Republic of Rwanda
  • Republic of Sudan
  • Republic of Uganda
  • Republic of Zambia
  • Republic of Zimbabwe

Start Date: 13 December 2019

End Date:  18 December 2019

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