CONSULTANCY: Conduct Assessment of Targeted Value Chains for the “Regional Enterprise Competitiveness and Access to Markets Program (RECAMP)”

The COMESA has received funding from the 11th European Union (EU) Fund (EDF) to assist in implementing the Regional Enterprise Competitiveness and Access to Markets Programme (RECAMP) which aimed at the development of the private sectors through enhancing private sector competitiveness in the COMESA region. This programme is in line with the EU Strategy Documents and Action Plans and COMESA industrialisation strategy.

The RECAMP will focus on challenges that affect value chain actors, both small and large enterprises, and that are relevant to regional economic integration and to the efforts to increase intra-regional and international trade of value added and manufactured products.

The programme will support the following three value chains that were selected as having high potential to contribute to the region’s industrialisation drive as espoused in the COMESA Industrialisation Strategy:

  • horticulture; (ii) leather and leather products; and (iii) agro-processing with focus on maize, livestock (fish, dairy, poultry, meat and related products) and agro-inputs particularly quality seeds.

The three value chains were selected based on the following specific criteria:

  • the VC potential to generate value addition, (ii) potential to create jobs, (iii) contribution to increase trade, (iv) likeliness to generate regional value chains, (v) participation in global value chains, (vi) potential to attract investment, and (vii) facilitation of scale up and upgrading of operations.
  • The Objectives and Expected Results of RECAMP

The overall objective of the COMESA RECAMP is: “To contribute to the deepening of regional economic integration in the COMESA region”.

The specific objective is: “To increase private sector participation in sustainable regional and global value chains”.

Expected Results

Two key results, each with sub-results, are expected to be achieved:

Result 1:       The competitiveness and market access of SMEs and other firms in the targeted value chains/sectors are sustainably enhanced.

Sub-result 1.1: Market access and business linkages in the targeted sectors are enhanced.

Sub-result 1.2:         Capacities of beneficiary firms related to SPS and regional standards and quality management are improved, including social and environment standards required under the WTO and/or EU market.

Sub-result 1.3: Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) to support Member States in the implementation of the above-mentioned sub-results through a technical assistance scheme managed by COMESA.

Result 2:       The business environment for SMEs and other firms in the selected value chains is improved.

Sub-result 2.1: Regional public- private dialogue platforms are supported and enhanced aimed at promoting business opportunities.

Sub-result 2.2: Regional policies in favour of value chains development are further developed and mainstreamed in national policies.

The beneficiaries of this programme include respective business communities in Member States, particularly SMEs, youth and women entrepreneurs.

These include the Agenda for Change (2011), the EU Aid for Trade Strategy (2007), the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (2007) and European Consensus on Development (2005).

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