Consultancy Service to Develop COMESA Interactive Investment Map

The objective of this consultancy is the upgrade of COMESA RIA’s existing online investment  map that includes both high-level country-specific snapshot and regional investment opportunities/projects available in COMESA region and its Member States. The online investment map shall serve as a proactive promotion tool aims at disseminating investment opportunities and key investment related data and information about COMESA region an its Member States’ business and investment environment including laws, regulations, incentives, and other competitive advantages. It is expected that investment map will project the aforementioned information in a visually appealing and friendly manner (tables, graphs, etc.). It is also expected that the map will allow potential users to search and sort out investment opportunities by sector, country or other project specific information, and identify different opportunities in different Member States. It is COMESA RIA’s responsibility to avail all data and information needed for the investment map including investment opportunities/projects and COMESA region and its Member States’ business and investment environment profiles.

It is also expected that the interactive investment map will serve as a reporting tool for COMESA RIA, allowing RIA to highlight key statistics including number of views, investment proposals submitted, number of visits, destination of visits, duration of visit, etc.

This consultancy must be implemented in full collaboration with COMESA RIA.

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