Digital Mobile App working well

The mobile Application developed by COMESA Secretariat to capture small scale trade data and enhance e-business being piloted in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda is working well.

COMESA Secretariat Web Developer Willis Osemo revealed this during a presentation on the Informal Cross border traders data collection application tool in Seychelles.

The App is a proprietary mobile app developed in-house by COMESA Secretariat IT division. This means that it is developed and owned exclusively by COMESA. Access to it and it’s usage is restricted, and its source code is kept secret.

The mobile application will be used by the Trade Information Desk Officers (TIDOs) at Border points in the COMESA region. TIDOS will use it to collect informal cross border trade performance data and then transfer this data to the Secretariat.

This information will be used to analyse the kind of products that are being traded across the borders and estimate trade-flow between countries.

COMESA will receive data on small-scale trade in goods and services at the borders. This information will then be disseminated and accessed through the COMESA COMSTAT data portal.

The App, which is available to Member States, is being piloted in selected countries where the Great Lakes Trade Facilitation Project (GLTFP) is being implemented. The GLTFP is funded by the World Bank.

The App is currently available in English but will be translated into the French language.



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