Director of COMESA Monetary Institute – P5

The COMESA Monetary Institute is an arm of COMESA which is responsible for doing all preparatory work of COMESA Monetary and Financial Integration Agenda which will culminate in the Monetary Union. It was set up by the COMESA Committee of Governors of Central Banks at its 13th Meeting held in Cairo, Egypt in November 2008. The Institute started its operations in March 2011.

Post: – Director, COMESA Monetary Institute
Grade: P5
Duty Station: Nairobi, Kenya
|Commencement Date (tentative): April 2022

  1. Functions

The specific policy-oriented activities of the CMI, as decided by the COMESA Committee of Governors of Central Banks, are as follows:

  • (i) Design of an appropriate Monetary Policy Framework;
  • (ii) Design of an appropriate Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM);
  • (iii) Guide and provide policy and technical directions on the
    achievements of the work programme of CMI;
  • (iv) Carry out research and analyses, utilising where appropriate, short-term technical expertise, on issues related to COMESA Monetary and Fiscal Policy Harmonisation Programme;
  • (v) Liaise effectively with continental and regional integration organisations such as AU, EAC, SADC and SACU on macroeconomic policy issues;
  • (vi) Liaise effectively with representatives of support agencies such as EU, UNECA, AfDB, OECD, USAID, IMF, World Bank etc on macroeconomic policy issues;
  • (vii) Ensure the delivery of high-quality regional capacity building seminars, workshops, short-term training, etc.
  • (viii) Preside over Institute’s meetings; and
  • (ix) Undertake other activities as the Bureau may from time to time assign him.

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