Egypt Welcomes COMESA Elections Observers

Cairo, Friday, March 23, 2018: The government of Egypt has welcomed a delegation of election Observers from COMESA who are in the country for the March 26 to 28th Presidential elections. On Thursday, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Hamdi Sanat Loza received the Head of the COMESA Election Observer Team Ms Hope Kivengere in his office for a briefing on the electoral preparedness.

Amb. Loza said his office was ready to provide any required support to make the observer’s mission a success. "We are happy that COMESA responded positively to our invitation of coming to observe these elections. This is an important process for Egypt and its people and we highly value COMESA’s input in this process,” he said.

In her remarks, Ms Kivengere commended Egypt for implementing some of the recommendations from previous COMESA observer missions. One of them being the need for the government to hasten the process of establishing a substantive electoral management body to manage future elections. This has already been done and the National Election Authority is now fully functional.

COMESA will deploy a joint mission with the Community of the Sahel-Saharan States (CENSAD) to 10 governorates in Egypt. The COMESA Observers have been drawn from Member States namely Malawi, Mauritius Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. These have been beefed up by staff from COMESA Secretariat in Lusaka and the Cairo-based Regional Investment Agency (RIA), a COMESA institution.

Later, Ms Kivengere who is a member of the COMESA Committee of Elders and the Head of the African Union Delegation Mr Abdulai Diop, former Minister of Foreign Affairs from Mali, also met the Head of the National Election Authority who briefed them on the state of preparedness of the Authority.

About 60 million voters are expected to cast ballots for the two presidential candidates in the 3-day elections. These are the incumbent President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and Moussa Mostafa Moussa of the Ghad Party.
Egypt uses symbols for candidates in its elections to help illiterate voters make their choices on the ballot. President Sisi’s symbol on the ballot is a star while that of Mr Moussa is a plane.

For further information contact: Mr. Raymond Kitevu, Mission Coordinator on Email

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