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The Arab Republic of Egypt is located in the northeastern corner of the African continent. It is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea with a coastline of 995 km. It is bordered to the east by the Red Sea with a coastline of 194 km. It is bordered in the northeast by Palestine and Israel, to the west by Libya, and to the south by Sudan. For more information, kindly visit:

Head of State: H.E. Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi Head of Government: Dr. Mustafa Madboly Capital City: Cairo GDP: USD 250.9 Billio

Independence Day: 23 July Languages: Arabic (official), English & French Currency: Egyptian Pound Area/Size of country (km²): 752,610 Natural resources: Water (River Nile), Fish, Arable land, Minerals, Petroleum and Natural Gas Government website:

Ministry Responsible for COMESA Affairs

H.E. Eng. Ahmed Samir Saleh

Minister of Trade and Industry

Latin America, Garden City,

CAIRO – Egypt

Tel: +20– 27943600/ +2 – 27921194​

Fax: +20 – 27940554​


National COMESA Focal Point

Permanent Secretary in Lusaka

His Excellency Ambassador Moataz

Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the Republic of Zambia

Embassy of the A.R. of Egypt

United Nations Road, Lusaka, Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia

Tel: +260 977770301 Fax: +260 211 251536

Email: / /

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