How to Apply

COMESA seeks to attract and retain staff members offering the highest standards of competence, efficiency and integrity. As an Equal Opportunities Employer, COMESA gives full regard to merit and diversity.

The recruitment process for fixed-term positions at the COMESA Secretariat normally consists of six steps:

1 Job application

Please complete and submit your application form for the vacancy notice that interests you. All our Professional vacancy notices are published on the COMESA website, normally for a period of four weeks. They are also announced through various social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2 Screening

The Human Resources Division (HRD) and the hiring division screen all the applications, taking into account the requirements outlined in the vacancy notice, and a shortlist is established. Candidates may be asked to complete a test from the comfort of their own home as part of the screening process. Based on this, a final shortlist of candidates is established.

3 Interview & written test

Candidates on the final shortlist are invited to the COMESA Secretariat in Lusaka, Zambia (or via a video conference call) to attend an interview held by a selection panel as well as to sit a written test. COMESA covers the cost of travel and accommodation.

The selection panel usually consists of four to six persons from the hiring division, the Human Resources Division and other areas of the organization. The interviewers assess the behavioural and technical skills of the candidates, whereas the written test is intended to assess the technical skills. Depending on the vacancy, candidates may be asked to go through additional forms of assessment such as presentation and role play.

4 Personality assessment and reference checks

Candidates may be asked to complete a personality assessment questionnaire as part of the selection process. The Human Resources Division conducts the relevant reference checks.

5 Review by internal board and decision by Secretary General

The selection panel prepares a report to be reviewed by an internal board, based on various information collected throughout the selection process. An internal board then reviews the report submitted by the selection panel and makes a final recommendation to the Secretary General on the appointment of the candidate. The Secretary General makes the final selection decision on the candidate to be appointed.

6 Offer

Following the Secretary General’s final decision, an offer is made to the selected candidate for the position. Generally speaking, the Human Resources Division contacts the selected candidate by phone.