Implementation of the COMESA- Western Australia Pact on Course

The implementation of the memorandum of understanding between COMESA Government of Western Australia (GWA) is now in its fourth year with the two parties involved in mining, agriculture and energy initiatives.

Early this month, COMESA participated in the 2018 Africa Down Under Mining Conference in Perth, Western Australia from 29 August to 1 September 2018. This is an annual event hosted by the Government of Western Australia (GWA) to increase business to business linkages between Australia and the African continent in mining, agriculture and energy.

The COMESA – GWA MoU was first signed in January 2018, and further extended in February this year during the Mining Indaba held in South Africa.

At the sidelines of the ADU Conference in Perth, COMESA Senior Private Sector Development Officer Mr. Innocent Makwiramiti participated in joint working group meeting to review progress on the implementation of the MoU particularly on the business case developed by Western Australia. This involves longer-term training and capacity building of government employees involved in the administration of the mining and petroleum industries.

In addition to participation in the mining conferences, COMESA also provides space at the conference expos for stakeholders to obtain information on mining policies, taxation regimes and related information on its Member States.

This year, COMESA Member States that participated in the ADU conference were Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Sudan, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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