Individual Consultant – Develop the COMESA Communication Strategy 2021 – 2025

The Expression of Interest is called to identify a suitable Consultant to Develop the COMESA Communication Strategy 2021- 2025

  1. The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) is a regional organization of 21 countries that have come together with the goal of creating a fully integrated and internationally competitive and unified region in which goods, services, capital and persons move freely. The COMESA Treaty sets the agenda to realise the goal of integration through development of trade and investment in addition to other cross cutting sectors and activities. However, the fulfillment of the complete COMESA mandate is a long-term objective. For COMESA to become more effective as an institution it has defined its priorities within its mandate, over the medium term as, “Promotion of Regional Integration through Trade and Investment”.
  2. COMESA’s current strategy to stimulate growth is economic prosperity through regional integration. With its 21 member States, a population of over 583 million and a combined GDP of US $778 billion, COMESA form a major marketplace for both internal and external traders. The region covers vast areas of Africa a total combined area of about 12.6 million square kilometers. With the complex dynamics inherent in regional integration efforts ranging from size, cultural and linguistic diversities, national versus regional interests among others, the achievement of the vision of COMESA is thus dependent upon public and political support and participation. The need to gain and deepen such understanding and awareness cannot therefore be gainsaid.
  3. COMESA recognizes that public awareness is a critical component of achieving the aspirations of the Treaty and the full realization of regional integration agenda. This entails the dissemination of information and raising awareness and level of knowledge of the public which is a prerequisite in mobilizing their participation. COMESA will use multiple communication channels to disseminate knowledge of regional integration, popularize the MTSP 2021-2025 and advise stakeholders—including COMESA staff and the public- of key activities and their benefits. It follows therefore that raising public understanding and awareness is an essential role for COMESA to ensure that the knowledge generated in the implementation of regional integration is widely disseminated and contributes to policy and decision-making processes. In addition, it ensures that regional integration issues are integrated into broader national development objectives and planning, including the attainment of the Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals.
  4. Pursuant to this goal, COMESA intends to develop a Communication Policy and Strategy for the next five years. The planned Strategy will spell out the broad strategic as well as policy direction that COMESA should take into account in communicating with all its stakeholder audiences spread across a wide geographical area.The overriding intention is to stipulate both the policy and strategic considerations that ought to govern the organization’s communication Agenda in the foreseeable future. Hence the document is expected to remain dynamic due to the passage of time and an ever changing social, economic and political landscape and adoption of digital technologies including the new media. The document will spell out the goals, major directions and standards that are expected to govern both the internal and external communication.
  5. Pursuant to this goal, COMESA intends to engage a consultant to develop a Corporate Communications Strategy.

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