Individual Consultant – to re-design the Passenger and Cargo Manifest System (PCMS)


The aim of this consultancy assignment is to re-design the Passenger and Cargo Manifest System (PCMS) which was piloted at Chirundu border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in 2012 with a view to lessening clearance time for traders travelling by bus thus promoting Small-scale Cross Border Trade in the COMESA region.


The Consultant will perform the following tasks:

    1. Utilize, among others, the findings of the study on the Review the functioning of the Passenger and Cargo Manifest System that was piloted between Zambia and Zimbabwe at Chirundu in 2012 and the Passenger and Cargo Manifest System that is being implemented by Zimbabwe with a view to identifying the weaknesses to be addressed in the re-design of the system.
    2. Re-design to have a more user friendly and appropriate form to be used in the PCMS.
    3. Determine the appropriate time before the arrival of the means of transport that the passenger and cargo information should reach the border officials.
    4. Identify the appropriate personnel /institution to collect the data for the PCMS at the commencement place for the means of transport and share it with border officials.
    5. Design a tracking system to go with the PCMS and interfacing procedures with the Customs Management Systems.
    6. Ensure that the design of the PCMS is aligned to the policy, legal, institutional, IT and other aspects that would facilitate PCMS practical implementation and make proposals for consideration by relevant authorities.
    7. Recommend incentives that would make the stakeholders attracted to using the PCMS.
    8. Engage a cross section of stakeholders, such as central governments, immigration, customs and trade policy makers, border officials, cross border traders, cross border traders’ associations, transporters, among others. These engagements will provide an opportunity for the consultant to gain firsthand experience and understanding of how the PCMS should be designed in order for it to gain acceptance from the stakeholders.
    9. Develop procedures/Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) /Processes for the PCMS

Develop a draft implementation strategy and road map for the PCMS.

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