More Countries Submit Lists of their Potential Hydro Power Plants

Three more COMESA countries have submitted to the Secretariat their lists of potential small hydro power projects that need development. This brings the number of countries that have submitted to nine.

The lists will be sent to potential developers and cooperating partners to be considered for financing and eventual implementation. With the latest submissions, Burundi, Comoros and the Democratic Republic of Congo now joins Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Sudan and Zambia in the list.

“This is significate progress because the number of countries that have submitted has increased and we expect more to do so as soon as possible,” Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Association of Energy Regulators for Eastern and Southern Africa (RAERESA) Dr Mohamedain Seif Elnasr said.

The COMESA region has prioritized the development of energy infrastructure for power generation, transmission and distribution as one way of boosting energy security and enhancing the bloc’s competitiveness.

In 2017, the COMESA Secretariat requested member States to compile and submit the lists of projects that could contribute to existing power supply. However, by October 2017, less than half of the countries had done so. This prompted COMESA Ministers of Infrastructure to give a deadline of November for the remaining countries to submit the lists.

Currently, there are several power generation projects under development and construction in the different COMESA Member States with a potential of 27,821 megawatts.

The total installed power generation capacity in the region is at 65,791 megawatts representing a 36% increase from the estimates of 48,352 in 2012.

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