Project Coordinator – P4

SCOPE OF WORK:  The Project Coordinator will be responsible for planning and execution of the project, in terms of daily practical management of the project and coordination of the activities of the project. The Project coordinator will work closely with the Trade expert in the Division of Trade and Customs.

KEY TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Project Coordinator will perform the following main functions in order to ensure overall delivery of the project: The main role of the Project Coordinator is the execution and day to day implementation of the GLTFIP in COMESA and in coordination with project countries. He/she will be responsible for the facilitation of the smooth planning and execution of the COMESA Component of the GLTFIP. The Terms of Reference of the Project Coordinator include the following:

  1. Provision of oversight and execution of the GLTFIP
  2. Provision of technical and advisory support to the activities and related processes that impinge on the project;
  3. Ensuring that timelines and the GLTFIP work programme are implemented expeditiously;
  4. Preparation of work-plans, monthly and quarterly progress reports;
  5. Conduct policy dialogue with GLTFIP countries on the STR, including review of existing regimes and of related thresholds and lists of common goods at the four target borders, in order to facilitate adoption of a harmonized STR at each of them;
  6. Provide support to the two countries for an effective implementation of the STR;
  7. Lead on the organisation and delivery of capacity building exercises for relevant staff of GLTFIP country counterparts, in close coordination with the country coordinators;
  8. Facilitate regional meetings of GLTFIP stakeholders associations of cross border traders and border officials of the countries involved in the project;
  9. Lead on the production of publicity materials including videos, documentaries, websites brochures, posters etc., relating to the STR and application of Regulations on Minimum Standards for the Treatment of Small Scale Cross-Border Traders, and ensure their effective dissemination at regional/national level and also at each of the facilities to be targeted by the GLTFIP;
  10. Support statistics experts in the Secretariat and the Member States already capturing gender disaggregated data on cross-border trade to produce regionally standardised instruments and methods of gathering and analysing data on trade flows under the STR and activities under the programme;
  11. Coordinate with project countries the aggregation at the project/regional level of monitoring and evaluation data and supervise the development of biannual project monitoring and evaluation reports;
  12. Provide progress reports and secretarial services to the COMESA Project Steering Committee in collaboration with the International Cooperation and Partnership Unit;
  13. Participate in the Regional Coordination Committee of the GLTFIP;
  14. In collaboration with the TID Field Coordinator, work with the Member States in the project to set up Trade Information Desks at the borders where needed and to arrange training of the TIDOs in data collection and procedures for clearing small consignments;
  15. Supervise field project staff including staff based in selected border regions; and Implement and maintain an adequate control environment to manage fiduciary (procurement and financial management) risks of the project.


  • A work programme for the COMESA component of the GLTFIP within four weeks of commencement of his/her contract;
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports;
  • Development of initial/draft TORs for consultants that would be utilised to deliver the consultancies/trainings envisaged in the project Report;
  • Coordination of the regional aspects of the programme with other national and regional ones by involving relevant government ministries in the two project countries;
  • Management and dissemination of data collected by TIDs;
  • Development of policy briefs and e-newslaper articles for communication/publicity purposes;
  • Organization of the Project Steering Committee and of the Regional Coordination Committee and preparation of agendas and reports of the meetings;
  • Maintaining and continuously updating the project procurement plan and project implementation manual;
  • Overseeing preparation of M & E reports; and
  • Providing any other deliverables as may be determined from time to time by the supervising authority within the scope of COMESA activities in the GLTFIP.

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