Project Manager – Regional Infrastructure Finance Facility (RIFF)

The RIFF project is an Investment  Financing Project with funding from the World Bank to the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the Trade  and Development Bank (TDB) . The TDB component will focus on provision of long-term credit to infrastructure projects in the region while the COMESA component is a grant component which  will support the enabling environment for private infrastructure finance with a focus on building a regional off-grid energy market. It will allow the COMESA Secretariat to support: (i) the harmonization of policies and regulations for cross-border infrastructure trade and investment; (ii) regional integration activities on the off-grid energy sector and (iii) market development activities in the off-grid energy sector in Fragile, Conflict and Violence (FCV) countries.

The activities in support of the enabling environment for infrastructure finance are expected to include: (i) issuance of guidance notes and model documents for PPP in infrastructure sectors other than energy, such as transport and water; (ii) customization and dissemination of PPP screening tools to help countries improve their screening of projects that may be suited to be structured as PPP; (iii) policies, guidance and platforms to facilitate digital infrastructure and digital trading in the COMESA region.

To implement the project, the COMESA secretariat will set up a Project Implementation Unit to be based in the Infrastructure and Logistics Division.

The  Project Manager will be responsible for planning and execution of the project, in terms of daily practical management of the project and coordination of the activities of the project. The Project Manager will work closely with the Energy Economist. He will provide technical support to accelerate progress on enabling environment for renewable energy with special focus on off grid energy.


The Project Manager will be based at the Infrastructure and Logistics Division, at the COMESA Secretariat in Lusaka, Zambia and will perform the following main functions in order to ensure overall delivery of the project:

  1. responsible for planning and execution of the project;
  2. daily practical management of the project;
  3. Supervision of the project team;
  4. elaboration of Terms of Reference (ToR) of Individual and Framework consultants;
  5. Supervision of Consultants;
  6. provision of technical support to accelerate progress on enabling environment through facilitating the following:
  7. development of model national electrification strategies
  8. Assessment of renewable energy landscape in the region to identify the actors, potential actors, opportunities, barriers, ongoing and potential projects;
  • development of regional solar equipment standards and framework for standardization of tariffs for the COMESA region and;
  1. development of a communication strategy to sensitize policy makers and private investors about the RIFF project;
  2. review renewable energy guidelines on regulatory frameworks for Off-Grid Electrification and support countries to domesticate/internalize these guidelines;
  3. Facilitate capacity building in renewable energy finance, policy, regulation and project preparation;
  4. Ensure that monitoring of the project is done and project progress reports are produced timely;
  5. Provide and facilitate provision of Technical assistance for domestication of the COMESA policies and regulations in the energy sector;
  6. In collaboration with the respective sector officers within the secretariat, Develop PPP Model framework for Infrastructure covering Energy, Transport and ICT including facilitation of capacity building for COMESA/TDB member states; and

Perform any other duties as requested by supervisor required for the successful implementation of the project.

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