Provision of Security Services – Tender No. CS/ADM/14-07/04

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa is a regional grouping of nineteen African States which have agreed to cooperate in the development of their respective economies through regional integration and trade development.

COMESA seeks to appoint a professional security company to provide security services at its premises along Ben Bella Road. COMESA now invites sealed tenders from eligible security companies for the provision of security services for an initial period of two (2) years.

The duration may be extended for a further period if the Security Company agrees to provide the services on the same terms and conditions provided that the services provided by them are of a satisfactory quality and standard acceptable to COMESA.

Scope and Specific Tasks

The tender is for the provision of twenty two (22), security guards to provide twenty-four (24) hour protection, seven (7) days a week (11 guards per shift, with one as their supervisor), the buildings and assets of the COMESA Secretariat at its headquarters situated along Ben Bella Road in Lusaka.

The Security Company should be willing to provide additional security guards on certain contingencies on payment of proportionate fees.

The security Company will undertake the following tasks:

  • Guard and protect the COMESA Centre building and all COMESA assets therein;
  • Develop and maintain a register of all visitors to the COMESA Centre;
  • Maintain an Occurrence Book as required where daily occurrences will be recorded;
  • Provide incident reports in writing for incidents or accidents that may occur at COMESA Centre;
  • Promptly report any suspicious movement of persons around the COMESA Centre.
  • Assist COMESA with obtaining police reports and follow-up investigations of criminal related incidents on COMESA premises.

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