Regional TIDO Coordinator – P2

SCOPE OF WORK: The Regional Trade Information Desk Officer Coordinator will be responsible for supervising TIDOs to ensure that they successfully perform their duties, deliver against the objectives agreed-upon in their respective work plans,  and respect the working hours established by COMESA Secretariat. He/she will check and sign on the monthly timesheets submitted by the TID officers before submitting them to the project management. He/She will play a big role in the organization of workshops/trainings at the selected borders, as well as in the delivery of various communications & dissemination exercises. JBC (to be developed)

KEY TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The Regional Trade Information Desk Officer Coordinator will be responsible for the following:

i) Take stock of existing Trade Information Desks (TIDs) on both sides of each GLTFIP target border, including current staff and related capacity, office equipment, and dissemination materials, and list gaps to be filled in each area;

ii) In coordination with the Project Coordinator, proceed to the timely recruitment of qualified Trade Information Desk Officers (TIDOs) in each GLTFIP country, in the maximum number of two (2) per each side of each border post. In coordination with the Project Procurement Expert, and in accordance with the agreed-upon project procurement plan, proceed to the timely procurement of the necessary office equipment at each GLTFIP TID;

iii) Lead on the organisation and delivery of training to all newly recruited TIDOs, including development of relevant training materials. Training should, among others, cover areas such as the STR (eligibility conditions, threshold and list of common goods), the COMESA Regulations on Minimum Standards of Treatment for Small-Scale Traders, customer care, conflict resolution and gender, as well as basic duty/documentary requirements applicable to small-scale traders;

iv) In collaboration with the various TIDOs, liaise with competent border authorities (Customs, Immigration, Bureau of Standards etc.) in order to gather details of the various customs duties, Immigration, documentary and other requirements applicable to small-scale traders at each GLTFIP border;

v) Support the Project Coordinator in the development of dissemination materials on the STR and the COMESA Regulations on the Minimum Standards for the Treatment of Small-Scale Cross Border Traders as well as on Customs duty/Immigration/ documentary requirements applicable to small-scale traders, and lead on their dissemination at border-level in each of the GLTFIP target areas in coordination with the various TIDOs;

vi) Gather regular statistics and trends on small-scale cross-border trade flows and on the STR at each of the GLTFIP borders, and lead on their dissemination at border-level in coordination with the Project Coordinator. Work with the local GRS ( all complait must be transmisted to the closest GRM in country;

vii) Conduct regular field monitoring visits to each of the GLTFIP border areas, in order to supervise the work of the TIDOs and provide them with regular guidance and mentoring as appropriate;

viii) Prepare and circulate regular reports on the TIDOs work and prevailing situation of small-scale trade at the project borders; and

ix) Within a year propose an exist strategy. The TIDO coordinator will need to find a sustainable solution within eighteen (18) months.

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